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radio resunga

Radio Resunga FM 106.2 Mhz – Tamghas Gulmi

Radio Resunga FM (रेडियो रेसुङ्गा) is a generally entertainment information and local update radio station of Nepal. Resunga Fm is a popular FM radio station in Tamghas, Gulmi. It operates on frequency 106.2 MHz. The station is known for its diverse programming, which includes a mix of music, news, and entertainment.

One of the things that sets Radio Resunga apart from other radio stations in the area is its commitment to providing the latest news and information to its listeners. The station has a dedicated team of journalists who work to keep the community informed about local and regional events, as well as national and international news.

In addition to its news programming, Radio Resunga is also known for its music. The station plays a variety of genres, including pop, rock, and traditional Nepali music. This makes the station appealing to a wide range of listeners, from the young to the old.

Another aspect of Radio Resunga that sets it apart is its commitment to community service. The station regularly organizes events and campaigns to help raise awareness about important social and environmental issues, and also provides a platform for local organizations and individuals to share their message with the community.

Resunga FM Gulmi – Listen Online

Overall, Radio Resunga is a well-rounded FM station that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest news and information, or just want to listen to some great music, this station has got you covered. And with its frequency 106.2 MHz, it is easy to tune in from almost any part of Tamghas and surrounding areas. This makes it the most popular FM station from Gulmi.

This radio station is the first radio station of Gulmi. The main goal is to provide the true local and entertainment news, information, Sport and much more. It telecast live On-Air programs in 106.2 frequency Studio and Tower Administration system with the Capacity of 1000 Watt, Its head office is located in Tamghas Gulmi. If you want to be a part of this radio then call us on 079-521003 number.

radio resunga

This radio features wide range of popular programmes every day. Some of the widely listened programmes are Resunga Khabar, Lok Chautari, Afantako Sandesh,  Cine Gallery, Resunga Lok Suseli, Resunga Serofero, Resunga Quiz Runner and Hello Goodnight. Music Masti, Gaunkhane Katha, Mix Song, sruti sambeg, Hindi Song, Atmik Yatra, Bal Awaj, Libird ko Chautari etc. are also popular programmes in Resunga FM.

Resunga FM (P) Ltd.
Tamghas Gulmi
Tel : 079-521003, 520994

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