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    Synergy fm 91.6 MHZ, the first and foremost radio station of Chitwan has led a remarkable history in
    media sector in Nepal. Since the establishment in 2058 BS (2001 AD), it has been constantly
    affording in providing the information, music and entertainment to its listeners.

    It is the other name to information, music and entertainment. With the tireless effort in the field of communication,
    It has completed its Dignified 10 years of the journey. Immense love, support and company
    of all the listeners have made it possible. Ever since the day of establishment, it has successfully
    contributed to cater the needs of social, economic and business arenas of the region.
     Synergy FM
    From its 2000 watt transmission, covering most of the people in Narayani, Gandaki, Lumbini and
    Bagmati zones, it has received an overwhelming response from its listeners and well wishers
    since the very beginning of its transmission. From the initial transmission of 8 hours, we are currently
    operating 24 hours everyday.

    Synergy fm has been fulfilling its responsibility not only via airing programs but by participating actively
    in social affairs during several times and occasion. Synergy itself has organized lots of public programs
    like blood donation, interactions, sports, trainings and so on. Focusing its listeners of all age groups,
    casts, classes, creed etc. This radio is contributing socially for the welfare of humanity. It is
    fully aware of its social responsibilities and has been involved in social activities as well.

    SYNERGY FM 91.6 MHZ Contact
    Bharatpur 10,

    Telephone: 056 – 526916, 526917
    Fax: 056 – 526111
    Email: [email protected]

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