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    Radio Buddha Awaaz is a Variety, Nepali Talk radio station that broadcast their live On-Air programs in the frequency of 89.6 Mhz.

    The station is very popular in christian community and promote the language and culture, There DJ,s provide the programs in the field of entertainment, information, Religion, health, fashion and much more, Its head office is located in Banganga Galvil Varryya’s Vda No. 8, Kapilvastu.
    As elsewhere, it is handled, possessed, and driven by the areas Radio Buddha Awaaz provide and are not-for profit organization as well as provide a mechanism for assisting individuals, categories, and areas to tell their own different experiences, to discuss experiences, and in a media wealthy globe, to become effective creators and contributors of media.
    Its perception providing 24 times a day with one and a half-time of transmitting via the nationwide broadcasting approach. Our DJ’s and RJ’s are all with the great applications which were focused on pop music, females, superstar and design. Because of the originality, applications such as Image pop, Key & Deals, AM visitor Radio Buddha Awaaz has obtained huge reputation among the audiences.
    Radio Buddha Awaaz 99.6 Mhz
    Badganga Municipality, Kapilvastu
    Phone: 076-76550180, 550181
    Email: [email protected]
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