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Radio Baglung FM 97.8 Mhz – Baglung

Radio Baglung FM is the lovely radio currently located at the location of Baglung, Nepal. It is gaining popularity day by day as it is largely providing innovative strategy, alternatives and infotainment, as it has aim to provide complete customer care. Radio Baglung FM always approaches every new project with a clean but proven precision and interest to small information. At our station, we always try our best to become the customer’s real and reliable organization partner by providing real value and efficient marketing.
radio baglung
Radio Baglung FM has a creative collaboration with customers is concept. The DJ’s have the creativity in solutions and strong teamwork our assets. We know innovative organization alternatives emerge from considering enjoyment. Company is firmly positioned at the middle at prohibited by the law of the area, except all the association and body and individuals can become a participant organize discuss. Individuals the organization get shares discuss financial commitment from authorities and non-governmental organization for economic cooperation and repair fees organization, business owners, individuals and organizations such as the amount of advertising and other places with regards to the structure of the money and institutional collections and the committee on the objective of obtaining according to the prescribed financial commitment and working costs of various decisions of different headings are spent.

Baglung FM 96.4 MHz
Ba.Na.Pa-2 Majhkot, Baglung, Nepal
Tel.: +977-68-521176
E-Mail :
Website :

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