Radio ABC Nepal

  • Radio ABC Nepal is a number one entertainment radio station of Nepal that play the Top local classic, Top Pop, Rock, Hits of the day songs, It broadcasts their live On-Air transmission on 89.8 frequency Studio and Tower Administration system with the Capacity of 300 Watt transmitter, There DJs provides the programs of entertainment, information, health, education, fashion, Sport, news of politics, agriculture and much more, Its head office is located in Banepa-10, Kavre Times Building, You can call us on 01-4102030, 01-4261659 number.

    radio abc nepal

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    Radio ABC Banepa – 10, Kavre Times Building
    01-4102030, 01-4261659
    01-6633315 Fax:011-664343

    Email:[email protected]

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