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  • Listen Radio Seti FM 93.6 Mhz- Tansen Palpa

    Seti Fm 93.6 mhz is a leading radio media of far-western development region.

    This f.m. started it’s transmission is nowThe objectives of seti f.m. 93.6mhz is to uplift status of educational, cultural, regional, entertainment, economic, political, health, tourism, agricultural, technological and numerous other sectors of far-western development region of nepal by broadcasting the message of a warness in these sectors of far western development region.

    In addition, Seti FM 93.6mhz is a completely commercial communication,its objectives also including standing alone as a leading media and an icon representing far_west amoing the crowd of evolving and roling radio medias rocking almost some districts.

    Radio Seti FM 93.6 Mhz
    Chainpur, Bajhang
    Phone: 092-421270
    Email: [email protected]

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